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Welcome to union de prière Charmes sur Rhône

Welcome on the website of the Union de pri�re.

Our movement started in 1946 and is gathering at least once a year its members for a time of spiritual retreat and prayers.

We focuss on 4 main intercessions subject:

1. Revival within the different churches

2. A prayer for Israel that G-D would fulfill all his promisses

3. A visible unity among the churches

4. The coming of Christ in glory and the resurrection of the dead.

We belong to the United Protestant Church of France and have our roots in the protestant reformations. But we have been also blessed from the begining by the pentecostal tradition and therefore we have remained open to life in the Spirit. We see ourselves as a bridge between traditional churches and newer currents in the Christian tradition.

We will not be able to offer most of our documents in English but you can email us if you have questions and we can indicate you ressources in English.


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